Poetronicart is an innovative cultural startup and a “4.0” research project incubated in Trieste. It is an innovation accelerator for the art and creative industries sectors. It provides regulated hybrid solutions (digital and physical)  and instruments for operators in the art sector.

Poetronicart is aimed at those who create or own art, those who process or broker artistic content, and those who use it and purchase it:

  • Artists
  • Collectors
  • Curators
  • Gallery owners
  • Auction houses
  • Cultural associations
  • Academic institutions
  • Research institutions
  • Publishers

Poetronicart’s offer includes:

  • solutions: digital showroom, e-learning, crowdfunding
  • mobile apps (mapparte, jcm, luoghi della memoria)
  • locations: laboratories/sets (Trieste, Rome, Milan)
  • services: software development (AR/VR), production, video making, project management, promotion

Vision and mission

Poetronicart is a digital platform that allows artists and other creative workers to profit from their artwork.

Why: We think the world needs more art and creativity

How: Our platform allows artists to profit from their work by promoting their output through digital innovation

What: We have selected and created solutions, instruments, distributional models, and physical environments designed for artists, making them accessible through a single digital place that artists can access to promote their work. This place is called Poetronicart.

“We need a world with more art”

Further information