Exalto Energy & Innovation S.r.l. is a company working in strategic consulting for companies and institutions, research, energy efficiency in industry and the service sector, the design and construction of facilities using renewable energy and of zero-emission buildings, and the management of raw materials, waste, and productive processes within a circular economy framework.

Exalto aims to be an actor in the radical energy transformation currently underway in Italy and Europe. It identifies the most effective intervention modalities in light of available incentives, and also operates as an Energy Service Company (Esco). Exalto designs and installs photovoltaic systems, biomass boilers, geothermal heat pumps, cogenerators, and other technologies using renewable sources and allowing for the optimal use of resources.

Exalto provides support to local authorities and communities to define policies to fight climate change and reduce energy consumption. It proposes innovative solutions for energy efficiency and the use of renewables through scouting appropriate technologies and identifying successful business models. It analyses complex scenarios in order to propose solutions that can drastically reduce energy consumption.

Exalto is engaged in studies and research in the energy field, ranging from land use planning to experimenting with innovative technologies in the fields of renewables, efficiency, and smart cities. It promotes the establishment of public-private partnerships for the creation of innovative projects that may be eligible for European, national, or regional funding. Over the years, it has established collaborative agreements with associations, research agencies, and consulting companies.

Exalto performs energy analyses of urban areas, islands, and other extensive areas to identify possible strategies to reduce the consumption of energy, water, and raw materials. In these fields, it assists institutions in identifying and managing EECs.

Exalto assists companies in defining policies to fight climate change, reduce energy consumption, and optimize research use. It proposes innovative solutions for energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources through scouting appropriate technologies, and solutions for improving the energy efficiency of industrial processes and services.

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