A.P.E. Research is active in the study, development, and production of highly technological equipment for scientific and industrial research in the nanotechnology sector. The company’s main products are scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) and devices for nanopositioning.

SPMs are one of the most important and strategic tools in the entire nanotechnology sector.

These microscopes are high-resolution instruments that make it possible to reconstruct in 3D the morphology of the surface of a sample, down to the individual atom. They can function in gaseous and liquid environment and do not require a vacuum and/or previous treatment of samples: they are thus particularly well suited for analysing biological material.

These instruments are for specialized users such as universities and industrial research centres, and can be used in a variety of disciplines such as materials science, surface science, biology, chemistry, and medicine.

Vision and mission

Nanoscience is at the juncture of a variety of disciplines ranging from quantum physics, supramolecular chemistry, materials science, and molecular biology, and is now a well-established tool in the research sector. Nanotechnology, on the other hand, is still in the initial development phase, and aims to exploit and apply the methods arising out of nanoscience. The revolutionary potential of nanotechnology comes from the fact that at these sizes, the behaviour and characteristics of matter change drastically, and nanotechnology is a radically new way to manufacture materials, structures, and devices with greatly improved or entirely new properties and functions. Our mission is to provide advanced microscopy and spectroscopy equipment in the nanotechnology field, to allow researchers to successfully explore this environment and exploit its revolutionary opportunities.

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